Becky Carlzon

Welcome to PressPlay

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About Us

We're an interactive, purposeful community that will empower you to “Press Play” in your school.

Young boy celebrating with an air-fist-pump

With our co-created community content and co-created interviews with the world’s leading play thinkers, we will carve out a progressive, purposeful journey together, backed by science, research and learning from best practice across the globe. Together we will decide upon areas for focus, such as:

Threading the curriculum into play

Playful learning environments

The role of adults in play

Assessment and evidencing through play

Kids playing with toy cards on the floor with the drawing of a roundabout.

This is a continuous ever-growing journey.

That will take place over 10 months with 10 leading play thinkers. You will never be stuck for ideas, you will have a roadmap to embed play and have a team of incredible minds to troubleshoot and support you and reflect with you when it doesn’t quite go to plan. We will design assessment tools to track your journey and ideas to work together as a whole school towards your goals so “play” is always alive in your school. We will always be at hand to support, guide and feedback on your journey. We are here to serve you.

Inspiration breeds inspiration; through sharing our ideas and solving problems together we will become self-assured in our practice and be at the leading edge of play-based learning.

By the end of our 10 month programme, you will have co-created content with and discussed how to embed the ideas and practice from 10 leading play thinkers. Just imagine where the learning culture in your school will be by then! We believe, in the best way ever, your school will be a different place.

Why You Should Join Us

We are committed to being part of the change in education. We can see play being pushed out of the curriculum and we know, and research shows, play is important for happiness, well-being, curiosity, developing learning skills, social skills AND, done well, it increases results.

So, we are putting play back on the map with the world's leading thinkers. Join us and other leading practitioners across the globe to be part of this unique, co-created learning journey.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for joining us on our mission and for caring enough to make learning playful, enjoyable and impactful for your children.